A graduate from Webster University in St. Louis, Mo, I hold a degree in journalism, a minor in interactive and digital media and a certificate in magazine production. Through my studies and experiences, I have cultivated a passion for sharing stories via multimedia and written word.

I once compared multimedia journalism (MMJ) to mixed martial arts (MMA). I stick to that comparison but want to state that it encompasses all things communications too. It’s hard. It takes a lot of training and practice. It takes a lot of skill. It takes attention to detail. It takes the ability to do many things at one time. It takes a dedicated fighter. But once all those traits are acquired, the result and the win makes it all worth it.

Like all people, I have several different interests outside of my field. I love reading and creative writing, escape through music, have a particular interest and desire to volunteer in humanitarian relief efforts, traveler, and continuously looking at ways to have a more fulfilling lifestyle. Some of these things and others you’ll probably find in the Blog section of my website here.

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