A Little Something That Keeps Me Going…

Before I went to Egypt last May, I had never been to the Middle East. I spoke not a word of Arabic. Like most everyone else, I’d been gripped by the revolution that swelled in Cairo‘s Tahrir Square for 18 days that winter. I packed my bag with sunscreen, 32 Clif Bars and a heap of what my friend called ‘don’t-touch-my-butt’ clothes. I wondered what I would be in for.

Leah Finnegan in Cairo, Egypt during the 2011 Revolutions against the Mubarak regime

This is the lede of the story of Leah Finnegan’s travels to Cairo during the Egyptian Revolutions.  She’s the Huffington Post’s college section editor and was awarded a scholarship from the Overseas Press Club that funded her trip and allowed her to be a reporter for the Associated Press bureau there.  She talks about the double whammy dangers she faced being a woman and a journalist facing the Mubarak regime.  Although Finnegan dealt with many turmoils and had to jump hurdles, her experience and opportunity sounds amazing to me.  The journalism career path is very competitive and to be a foreign correspondent is costly and requires a lot of effort, but Finnegan’s story gives me a little hope in a time of constant worry about where I’m headed in the future.  To read the rest of her accounts, click this link:


-Haley L.


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