Mail Time!

Where will Steve and Blue get their letters from? They’ll have to change their song to E-mail time or something new age like that.

I was pretty bummed when they were talking of cutting down the Postal Service.  How will I send postcards to my family and friends when I’m across the Earth reporting for a big respectable publication?!  How will I get my monthly subscription to National Geographic?  At least there’s a little glimpse of hope now, but what happens after two years?  Cut off Saturday mail sending?  Then a year later, forget getting your Amazon package in on Friday?  Ten years from now, no more Target adds every Monday, and you better learn how to use the internet old timers, because if you don’t, say goodbye to your utilities, cuz you’ll only be able to pay online.

It’s good to know the government is attempting to help stabilize the USPS, but how are they going to revive it?  We don’t really have a great track record of keeping jobs around here.  We have a better track record of losing them, so can you really judge my skepticism?

At any rate, here’s the updates to the proposal in place to hang onto the USPS for a little bit longer.  It’s give and take, of course.  100,000 job loses, but let’s cross our fingers and hope they’re not in vain and I can still send my postcards in ten years.


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