Return from Abroad

Webster University Thailand is one of five abroad campuses the university has.

I realize I’ve neglected in giving my readers their daily dose of Vitamin J.  That does not mean I’ve neglected journalism all together, however.  In fact, the reason I’ve been gone was to put together a wraparound package with a fellow reporter which took a significant amount of time and energy.

he wraparound was featured in the Webster University Journal, and had content about the university’s study abroad program and information from students who have studied abroad for students who are thinking about going abroad.

Now, the project is complete!  The printed wraparound looks fantastic, and all the content is online too, even extra videos.

Taking on a project like this was a lot of fun.  With only me and one other student reporter planning and gathering content for the package, I got to be very involved and hands on with how everything formed in the end.  We made a list of stories and graphics we wanted featured.  We then interviewed and reported most of the content.  Lastly, we laid out the basic idea of layout we envisioned.  We were very lucky to have other students get involved and work hard on editing stories, physically laying out the pages, putting the content on the web and creating awesome video content.  It was a great team effort to create this broad vision.

Being a student reporter is only one of the many roles we play.  We hold part time jobs, we’re full time students with other classes and homework, we’re freelance reporters, we’re significant others and we’re social beings that like to hangout with friends every once in awhile.  We also enjoy eating, showering and sleeping.  Having said that, putting together a large project with a lot of content wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine.  There was stress, sleepless nights, food-less days and unexpected bumps in the road.  There was miscommunication and lack of communication that left things done at the last minutes, minor mistakes that should have been caught and a heavy weight on left on the shoulders of those involved.

I enjoyed the process, having it in my hands and seeing the final product after all the hard work.  So check it out so I feel like I have a purpose in life =p

-Haley L.


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