International Election Protests- Russia and Congo

The GOP silliness has been going on for a couple of months now.  At first it was somewhat amusing to watch the mockery U.S. politics has become, but after a couple debates of the same ol’ same ol’ he said she said, I-don’t-really-know-what-I’m-talking-about-at-all and I’m-more-wrapped-up-in-this-sex-scandal-that-I-don’t-have-time-to-worry-about-legitimate-things, I had to start turning off the mainstream media coming through the boob-tube because I’ve become so irritated with it.  I felt like I was just watching some bad episode of the “Jersey Shore” than getting any kind of political fix.  I mean, they’ve got Donald Trump, a reality TV show star, moderating the debates!  So I’ve been hanging out on the web seeing what other countries around the globe are doing in their politics.

Russian police arrest over 250 protestors of the re-election of Putin

Last night I wrote a paper about how two different media outlets have covered the protests against the Russian re-election of Vladimir Putin for Prime Minister.  I compared The Guardian‘s coverage and‘s coverage.  Most people know The Guardian as a a liberal news source out of the UK.  Pravda, back in the day before the fall of the Soviet Union, was a Communist propaganda news paper.  The paper was shut down in 1991, but employees of the old party have since went off on their own to create, a website to continue their coverage of media based off of their ideological views. alluded to, but pretty much completely ignored any issues after the election.  The Guardian told the story of protesters against the re-election of Putin and how they felt the election was rigged.  According to The Guardian, the Russian government, military, and youth rallies organized by the government showed up in Moscow where the anti-Putin protesters were, to over power them and stomp out any negative reaction to the election.  Over 250 protestors were arrested in Moscow.

The results for the Congo elected president came out today, and with some backlash from the public

This morning I was reading about how President Kabila was declared the winner of Congo’s second democratic election.  After the election, opposing party supporters threatened to  protest of the election results, for the belief the election was a farce.

Tshisekedi’s supporters vowed to take to the streets if Kabila was declared the winner. Tires were being burned near some vote counting centers.

But Mulunda warned before reading the final results: ‘The candidates must understand that in every election there is a winner and there is one or several losers.'”

I find it really interesting that so many countries that are somewhat new to democratic ways of electing officials end up protesting the results.  This year has been so revolutionary and full of public protest, and I always find these kinds of stories about citizens speaking out against their government over the things that they feel is unfair.  To me, the world is going through a very brave, self-righteous era.  The Middle East revolutions, Occupy demonstrations, London Riots, protests against elections.  It’s a new world.

-Haley L.


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