Morning Glory: Journalists opinions of one another

Journalist or not, watch “Morning Glory”.

1.) It’s hilarious.
2.)Harrison Ford.
3.) Rachel McAdams.
4.) Fantastically shows the criticism journalists hold on one another depending on their area of expertise.

Rachel McAdams is a newly hired producer for “Daybreak”, similar to the“Today” show or “Good Morning America“.  They do pieces about cooking and entertainment and feature stories that mostly relate to women who are at home during that time.

Harrison Ford plays a veteran nightly news anchor.  Think Brokaw or more recently Brian Williams.  This character has been reporting hard hitting news for all of his career.

“When you were in Kosovo I was in Kosovo,” said McAdams’ character, flattering Ford’s character.

When Ford is persuaded to co-anchor the morning show, he is less than thrilled at being a part of it.  The morning show people think he is pompous and pretentious and he thinks they are unintelligent and don’t conduct news.

“I’m not saying the word fluffy,” said Ford’s character.

Perceptions amongst media professionals have been going on for forever.  Newspaper people think broadcast people are all about appearances and aren’t professional.  Broadcast people think news people are arrogant dinosaurs.  Newspaper and broadcast people think radio people are irrelevant and aren’t a part of real news because they aren’t as popular of a news source as the former two.

I loved watching this movie because it depicts perfectly how different kinds of news people interact with one another.  And it’s entertaining and super funny to boot!

Here’s the trailer to take a sneak peek at what I’m talking about, if you haven’t already seen the film.

Haley L.


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