Alternative Valentine Article

Valentine's Day is seen as a way to show your love, however the origins of the day are rather grusome.

Just this morning I thought about posting a rant about how I hate articles pertaining to Valentine’s Day. Now, here I am posting a link to one I thought was pretty cool. I promise it’s not cheesy.

I was so tired of seeing these corny stories about top 5 movies to watch with your spouse, or the meaning of love, or cute celebrity couples events for the day.  I don’t dislike Valentine’s day and I’m not some bitter lonely hag, I just think holiday stories always end up being incredibly tacky and full of puns. However, I came across this article from NPR that took a different approach to the Vday story. Their article discusses the origins of Valentine’s day and how, though its a holiday about love, it was created based on massacres in ancient Rome.  Over time, poets like Shakespeare began to romanticize the date of Feb. 14th and that was the start of Valentine’s day as we know it today.

Check out the article. As per usual, NPR does a great job and touches on a subject at a different angle. They can be my Valentine today.

Haley L.


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