Long Live the Newsroom

The phone rings off the hook. People are scribbling down or typing profusely notes of information. The coffee is black strong and hot. Profanities are yelled, but often times jokingly. Collaboration projects are reviewed by everyone there. This is only a piece of some of the energy and hard work that makes up a newsroom.

By Haley Luke

Journalists have a strong nostalgia for newspapers. In its heyday, newspapers were the go to source for in depth coverage. With the uprising of modern technology, papers are in the decline and those still around are for niche audiences. There are layoffs and budget cuts galore, and those who have been in the paper business for all their career feel as if the loss of papers comes the loss of good reporting. Chris Satullo writes that it’s not the papers that need to be saved, but the energy within newsrooms themselves.

Your real worry should not be whether newspapers survive. What you should worry about is the future of newsrooms, those buzzing, resourceful dens of collaboration that make everyone who works in them better than they could be alone.”
-Chris Satullo

To create a strong story and publication, it takes crazy collaboration. Journalism is not a one man show, though some perceive it to be. Collaboration between reporters and editors and everyone involved within the newsroom is taken for granted and unacknowledged. Satullo puts it best:

Journalism lore offers lots of romance about the lone wolf stalking the story. But, fact is, it takes a village to win a Pulitzer. Great journalism is collaborative.”
-Chris Satullo

It’s heartbreaking to see the work you love and respect and know the importance of start to disappear, but the thing to hold onto is how that work is done. The medium may be changing, but the energy and effort doesn’t have to.

-Haley L.


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