Diversify yourself

One of the main reasons I chose to go into journalism over anything else was because it allowed me to constantly learn about new things. I’m a person with too many interests and choosing just one to study was near to impossible. Journalism allows me to have a reason to study a variety of things. It also gives me an opportunity to meet and talk with interesting people and write stories about them and the things I learned. I just seemed to be a  perfect fit.

These people are wearing different kinds of hats. That's what we as journalists have to do.

There are so many niches you can go into as a reporter. Environmental, politics, community, technology, fashion, etc. As a student reporter, finding your preferred niche early is fantastic. It allows you to become familiar with current events and topics within that area of interest. I personally have struggled a lot with finding my niche because, as I said before, I have too many interests. For me, personally, I don’t think that’s a bad thing as a student reporter either.

All the time I see students only want to write things that pertain to their topic of choice. Even worse, I see some students only ABLE to write things that pertain to their topic of choice. I think that the unwillingness and inability to write about anything other than fashion or sports can be a great downfall for students who may be trying to land an internship or job later on. If their boss needs them to do a random assignment outside of what they’re used to, and they can’t do it efficiently, they’re unmarketable.

This also goes for those having a specific medium in which they tell a story. There is no such thing as just print journalism anymore. We’ve all got to wear every single hat possible to make it out there in that crazy competitive world. We’ve got to be able to write well, shoot video, take photographs, learn layout and website design, and whatever else you can think of to tell a story in journalism. You cannot just be a sports writer for a newspaper anymore. It’s as plausible as wanting to become a Telegraph Editor.

So I say unto thee. Find a niche you enjoy, but don’t limit yourself to just those topics. And enhance your ability to tell a story in different formats.

That’s all for now!

Haley L.


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