The Paper: Student media has got it bad.

“The Paper” is a documentary about the student paper The Daily Collegian at Penn State. It shows the different issues student publications come face to face with.

Being a part of a small private university with a weekly paper, I was always baffled as to how some schools do a daily paper. I mean, I thought I had it bad having to balance classes, a part time job, weekly assignments and find time to eat, shower and sleep. How do these kids do it on a daily basis? I understand that their schools have way more reporters than our 15ish person staff, but even for the editors- just, wow.

This documentary was really interesting for me to watch. I got a little view into how things work at their paper. What I really enjoyed was seeing that they experience a lot of the same issues we do at The Journal. Struggles with administration, with covering all aspects of campus and covering it well. The feeling of accomplishment that sometimes goes unnoticed, or the feeling of pure overwhelment. And the struggle with ethical dilemmas and backing yourself up even if you may be wrong.

It’s a pretty good doc for any student reporter to watch, but also anyone. People should always understand the behind the scenes of putting a paper together.

Haley L.


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