Even Coverage on Two Shootings?

Politico and the Huffington Post raise a pretty good question: Why isn’t their balanced coverage on the two shootings that have taken place in the past couple of weeks?

 Yes, there were differences in each shooting. In Colorado, the shooter was alive after the fact. He had set up booby traps in his apartment. The death toll was higher than in Wisconsin.

What scares me is the hate crime that the victims of the Wisconsin shooting had to endure, and for whatever reason that isn’t as big of a deal. They’re both horrible stories that have to be told to potientially prevent future mass shootings: key word “BOTH”.

There were many stories that came out of the Colorado shooting about the signs of mental illness. Why aren’t the same stories coming out of Wisconsin about hate crimes and pure ignorance? Sikhs aren’t Muslims – not that it even matters because no one should have been killed over their religion regardless. And that’s a different story.

 If we don’t ask why a small religious community in the Midwest was targeted by a 40-year-old white man, if we don’t make this discussion as loud and robust as the one that followed the attack on Gabby Giffords or on those young people in Aurora, we’re in danger of undermining what America stands for.”

-Haley L.


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