Get to Votin’ STL!

I know what you’re thinking. “Why should I vote today? It’s only the primary election. No one is going into office based on this result. I don’t even know who is running and what they’re all about. It’s a waste of my time and not amounting to anything.”

Fair enough, I understand the feeling like your vote really isn’t really amounting to anything, especially in the primaries when you still have to wait until November to even get an actual result. And when you don’t know who is involved and what their plans are. I get all that. It’s hard to keep up with local politics because they’re not as in your face as national elections. But, they still are just as important, if not MORE important because they’re going to affect you more directly than a lot of the national things will.

To quickly get familiar with who is running and in your district, the St. Louis Post Dispatch put together a voters guide for you. It’s pretty handy and a quick rundown of who is running. Just put in your address and they’ll give you a bio of the people on your ballot.

Also, they keep redistricting polling places. So if you’re not sure where to go, the City of St. Louis has a directory of polling places. Just put in your address there and you can find out where to vote at. Polling is open until 7 p.m. tonight.

I’m tired of hearing the excuses of why people didn’t vote or why they won’t. There’s no excuse and it is important. Other countries are in civil war for the right to vote, and here we are taking it for granted.

So I’ve given you info, I’ve guilted you and lectured you. So go on and vote so this whole post wasn’t in vain!

-Haley L.


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