The Muny: Selective Seating

Photo of the stage of The King and I at The Muny.

One of my most favorite things about STL is there are many free things to do. For a private university student like myself, those are the things I look to first on an exploration kind of day. The other night, my boyfriend and I decided to go to The Muny in Forest Park. If you’re an out-of-towner, The Muny is a local outdoor theater that puts on several performances throughout the summer. It’s pretty great I must say. All throughout my childhood my mom or  my grandmother would buy us tickets to a show or two for the season. We’d buy snacks and maybe souvenirs if it was an exceptionally good show or if they were in an exceptionally giving mood.

Now, though, since I’m attending that fancy schmancy private university that costs an arm and a leg to teach me to create this awesome blog for you to enjoy (and that doesn’t go without thanks profs! You guys do rock!) I don’t always have the money to buy tickets to The Muny, let alone the snacks and souvenirs. So, we thought we’d go and hit up the free seating area that The Muny offers. I personally had never sat in the free seats. I didn’t think they were much different than the regular seats, only higher up.

There were pros and cons to the evening and I will share them with you here:



1.) Uhhhh, I didn’t have to pay a penny to watch a really awesome performance. And if it were to have rained, I wouldn’t have to worry about losing my money.

2.) Though the seats are much higher, as long as you bring some binoculars or you’re okay with not seeing facial expressions, you still get to experience a wonderful and professional show.

3.) We were able to bring our own mini cooler in with snacks and water and the like (didn’t have to purchase any!)


1.) You are really high up, and if you’re short (like me) you have to deal with people being taller than you in front of you and having to weave side to side to see the stage.

2.) Because I was originally seated behind the tallest man in the stadium, I thought it’d be a good idea to move to some free seats behind some children thinking I could see behind them since they’re tiny. WRONG! I forgot to take into account that they are children. They stood much of the show, they ran back and forth between one another arguing who should get the binoculars next, they talked and danced and smashed my toe in the chair in front of me. Advice for the free seats. Be incredibly selective and conscious of who is sitting around you.

3.) Without fail, a woman will bring her infant two month old child to a public show. I don’t understand why it always happens, but it always does and it was right behind us and crying quite a bit. When it wasn’t crying, it was breast feeding, but since it was behind me I’d rather it had been doing that.

We watched the show until intermission and decided to leave at that point because it was becoming difficult for us to pay attention to the whole performance. Also, it was about to rain and we wanted to beat the storm.

I don’t want to dissuade anyone from going to The Muny, because it is a wonderful outing with great shows. Just don’t sit stupidly – likewise, don’t be the asshole that makes me regret sitting stupidly.

The King and I is the last performance of this season of The Muny. It goes through August 12.


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