My mother told me to not take food from strange people…

Two Girls Four Wheels was the truck I visited my first Food Truck Friday. Great pulled pork sandwiches!

… but everyone else is doing it! And by the masses! So why not?!

Food trucks are sweeping – or shall I say, truckin’ along – the nation, and the good ol’ STL is right there with the trend. We’ve got 30 some-odd trucks rollin’ around this great city feeding the hungry all kinds of delicacies.




There’s cupcake trucks.
See: The Sweet Divine, winners of The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars

There’s ethnic food trucks.
See: Hot Aztec or My Big Fat Greek Truck

And my favorite: beer trucks.
See: Schlafly or Six Row Brewing Co.

It does not stop there. Here’s a pretty good list of them all on Twitter: Food Truck List

They are trucks, therefore they are mobile, therefore they can be hard to track down. It’s not like you can just up and say, “Let’s go eat at Sarah’s Meltdown (Grilled Cheese Truck) tonight.” You never know where it’ll be. But, pretty much all the STL food trucks are on twitter and you can track them down that way. If I weren’t already in a relationship, I’d take someone out to one as a first date. I think it’d be all cute and whatnot to track down a food truck for a meal. Adventurous or whatever.

However, if you don’t think it’d be fun to track down a food truck but you do think it’d be fun to eat at one, once a month the St. Louis Food Truck Association has Food Truck Friday in Tower Grove Park.

I went to my first Food Truck Friday in Tower Grove Park about three weeks ago. Let me tell you, it was an experience. Regular vehicles up and down all sides of the park; families and friends and pets wandering everywhere; and colorful trucks lined one after the other with lines of people 100 feet out waiting patiently for the meal of their dreams served out the back door. It’s a great people watching experience.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re wanting to go to Food Truck Friday, though.

1.) It’s crowded
So get there early to get the first spot in line of your truck of choice. Also, to get your preferred seating area in the park. It’s from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m., so shoot for being there maybe 30 minutes beforehand.

2.) There’s no seating for you
Bring some lawn chairs, a blanket, a cooler or whatever else you desire for comfortable dining.

3.) Everything is ordered to-go
Some trucks may provide plastic and napkins, some may not. Bring a few things of your own to be safe.

4.) Cash or plastic
There is an ATM at the Sauce Magazine booth for you to get some cash out. Some food trucks accept credit, others don’t. So bring some bills just in case.

5.) Spread out
If you come with friends or family, take each others orders and set up shop in different lines. That way you’re not all standing in the same line for the same food and you get a variety of things.

6.) Don’t be weary
There are always some misconceptions of food trucks. Some tend to think they’re dirtier than regular restaurants or that they don’t have to follow certain codes. Untrue. They’re all clean and up-to-date. Sometimes even more-so than your average sit-down place.

7.) Share it!
Food trucks are all over twitter and so are people that can answer any questions. #FoodTruckFridays when you’re out and about and tweet to any of your favorite places to keep up to date.

There’s only two more dates for this season’s Food Truck Fridays:
September 14th
October 12th

If you’re looking to going into the food business someday, or opening your own shop, Food Trucks really are all the rage. Maybe you should open up your own. When you do, save a free meal for that inspirational blogger!




  1. I haven’t read much about the St. Louis food truck scene but 30 trucks seems like a good fleet of gourmet food trucks. I’m sure there are many in the planning stages and ready to be launched soon. The food truck festivals are a great place to go to try out food trucks because there’s more people and more choices! I’ll have to keep an eye on the St. Louis mobile food scene.

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