Add a dash of nostalgia with a cherry on top

Ted Drewes always gives me a good lift on a stressful day.

When I was younger, sometimes my family and I would go get lunch at Miss Sheri’s, and then afterword we’d stop by the Humane Society just to look at the adorable dogs that I would instantly fall in love with and want to rescue. When I wasn’t allowed to take six or seven or even one of them home, I’d be sad. To make up for the sadness, we would go to Ted Drewes.

Now, every time I go to Ted Drewes, I’m reminded of those times in the past with my family. It’s one of those things where your senses help you reconnect with moments in the past.

For those non-STL folks, Ted Drewes is a local Frozen Custard place. Of the many things to do in St. Louis, this is one where you can’t be considered a true St. Louisian until you’ve gone to Ted Drewes.

There’s never a bad time to go to Ted Drewes. You can go after lunch or after dinner. Hell, you could go before lunch or dinner and that’d be fine. My favorite time to go is after another fun activity in St. Louis. It’s always just the perfect topper to a day around town. Go to the zoo, then go to Ted Drewes. Go to the City Museum, then go to Ted Drewes.

I’ve been going to Ted Drewes for years and years and years now, and the one thing I can never learn is to not order too much. I get so excited for all the flavors and add-ons that my eyes become bigger than my stomach. I always, to this day, have to throw out or pawn off half of my treat. I also never remember that ice cream makes me mad thirsty, and I should have bought a water or soda too.

When it’s winter time, and they’ve closed the frozen custard down for the season, they’re still on the go. Almost everyone in the city of St. Louis that gets real trees for Christmas buys them at Ted Drewes. They fill their lot with evergreens, and you get first dibs on the tall full ones if you go early in the season.

Next time you’re about to head home after a festival in Tower Grove Park, go to Ted Drewes before you’re done for the day and end it all off right.


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