Yes, this is a weather diary post

See also: Rapture

Because St. Louis weather is f#$!*&% cray cray!

I’m just sayin’, when it’s 81 degrees when the average is usually 59 degrees for Oct. 25, that’s weird.

Even weirder, when the high is 81 degrees and the low is 46 degrees. That’s flippin’ frightening!

Temperature Forecast Average Historical Range
High 81 °F 59 °F 28 to 84 °F
Low 46 °F 41 °F 14 to 69 °F

7 a.m.
I open my crusty eyeballs, and am shivering. I am dreading putting my feet on the hardwood floor, and the only reason I have to put them on the hardwood floor is because I don’t have my usual bunny slippers (yes, I have bunny slippers. Let the hilarity ensue) at my bedside from the night before because it was amazing out. I could have slept in the hammock on our balcony it was so great. Good thing I didn’t because 1.) It’s got a tear in the seams at all ends and I would have fell through it the way I move around in my sleep and 2.) it ended up being like 20 degrees colder when I woke up. So, I finally drag my unhappy ass out of bed because that’s life and I got work to do.

9 a.m.
Walking around campus sweating in my fancy blazer, and my little piggies are yelling at me for walking around in heels. But, it is amazingly gorgeous outside! I would say it’s the best day of the year. If every day were like it is at 9:30 a.m. this Oct. 25 morning, my life would be paradise. That’s all I ask from life is for every day to be like it is now.

Miserably hot, sunny as hell, and not a cloud seen by anyone.

4:15 p.m.
Walking to Starbucks to meet someone for an interview. Temperature almost as great as it was at 9:30 a.m., but not quite the same. The sky looks like those paintings that has one side leading into the dark abyss that is hell and one side that’s leading to what you would imagine heaven looks like.

4:20 p.m.
Iced Caramel Macchiato in hand and sitting outside of Starbucks because inside is too cold and outside is pretty damn comfortable.

4:25 p.m.
Still sitting outside of Starbucks, shivering and wishing I hadn’t gotten the iced version of the caramel macchiato. The sky is ominous with waves of gray and I’m afraid the rapture has come (and I’m not even religious).

4:30 p.m.
Inside Starbucks. Rain pouring. Things flying around at the Webster Groves Farmers market. Still wishing I had a warm caramel macchiato.

5:oo p.m.
Clouds gone. Rain gone. Still cold and I don’t have a jacket cuz an hour ago I was frolicking in the sun.

This is proof enough that climate change is legit shiz and that St. Louis is the twilight zone. If this isn’t proof enough, then just think about the fact that it’s Oct. 25 an the high was 81 degrees. If that isn’t proof enough, suck



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