STL has gots some Style

Reppin' the Shaw 'hood

Reppin’ the Shaw ‘hood

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I stopped by my parents house to do some laundry and steal food, like a good daughter does. While there, I saw a t-shirt laying on the hall bench. It had a graphic cop car on it and said “Fo’ Chouteau.” I cracked up and asked where it was from. They said STL Style.

I feel like a bad city life blogger, because I’m really late on this bandwagon. Apparently the shop has been around for about 10 years, and I’m only now finding out about it. But to make up for it, I spent a lot of money there for several people’s gifts.

  • Momma got a shirt that says “Tower Grove” on it and a pavilion from Tower Grove Park is growing out of the letters.
  • Roommates were surprised with “Shaw ‘Nuff” to rep our hood.
  • Brother received a “South City Hoosier” one because he loves to sing “Hoosier love” while out.
  • Daddy dearest got a City of St. Louis mug in the style of the city’s public works dept.
  • A few friends were lucky winners of some “duds,” which were shirts which had been printed upside down or on awkward colors. They’re eccentric, just like my friends.

St. Louis has a plethora of Cardinals memorabilia or typical tourist souvenirs and shirts. This one’s for the natives. Only true St. Louisians would understand a shirt that says “High School: Don’t ask don’t tell” or “Highway Farty.” So when you’re over on Cherokee, check it out. They have babies onsies, doggie clothes, posters, bags and other fun stuff to show off STL civic pride.

Let me know what you find!



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