Stay Tuned for some Civic Pride

Join "Stay Tuned" at 9 p.m. tonight on ch. 9 to talk about your civic pride.

Join “Stay Tuned” at 9 p.m. tonight on ch. 9 to talk about your civic pride.

I cannot tell a lie, this is a shameless plug. But even if it weren’t a plug for something I’m working on, I’d post about it anywho.


This is a post about Nine Network’s newest local show, “Stay Tuned.” It has everything to do with STL, so though it’s a plug, it works for my blog too! Double dippin’, yeah!


What is “Stay Tuned?”
So, “Stay Tuned” is a show on Nine Network. Those of you not from ’round these here parts, Nine Network is a PBS affiliate, meaning it’s Public Programming, meaning it’s really really great and can actually focus on creating good content that informs and helps the community. That’s exactly what “Stay Tuned” does. It airs LIVE every Thursday at 9 p.m. (that’s right, it’ll be on TONIGHT!) and each week discusses a topic or issue in St. Louis. What’s also great about it is you can get involved too, just from watching at home.

What’s the topic for tonight?
Tonight’s topic is all about Civic Pride in STL aka do St. Louisians generally have pride for this historic city they live in? There will be “experts” interviewed or discussing the topic with one another. There will be people from St. Louis themselves sharing their views. There will be social media junkies tweeting and talking on Facebook during the show to give their input.

How can I get involved?
Easiest of all is to watch the show! 9 p.m. every Thursday on channel 9. No TV? I feel ya, I don’t have one either. Just watch it on live stream from your computer, like I do!

You can also be part of the live audience. Just reserve a spot and your most likely going to be on TV!

Join the live chat on Twitter and Facebook too. #StayTunedSTL is the hashtag used to join the Twitter convo. For Facebook, just visit Nine Network’s page and comment on the photo for the topic of the week!

Upcoming Topics

1.24.14 Economic Impact of the Arts
1.31.13 Medicaid Expansion


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