Don’t throw out your traditional tools in this technological age

IMG_20130122_132417I was all in a tizzy the other night while at the movie theater. I was taking some me time for the day and wasn’t going to concern myself with work or projects or assignments. I should have known better that there isn’t such a think as “time off” for people like me. People who must document every idea or quote or sound byte. I was in a tizzy without any pen or paper. How in the world did I not have a pen and paper?

Because I was idiotic enough to think, “I have my smart phone. I have my kindle. I have my recorder. I can do all the things with those tools that I could with pen and paper.”

Psht, I didn’t take movie theaters into account.

I went to see Silver Linings Playbook at the Hi-Point Theater in St. Louis. Such an amazing movie and atmosphere filled me with so many ideas! I was ecstatic! Until, I fumbled around my purse, past the smart phone, kindle and recorder and did not feel any sort of writing instrument or piece of paper to scribble down my grand ideas! Seriously!? What kind of journalist am I if I don’t have pen and paper? I’m not one, that’s for sure.

I couldn’t take out my other technologically savvy tools because they’d be disturbing to the audience, not to mention by boyfriend would throw a conniption fit. I was petrified. I remember having four really good ideas, but the only one that stuck is to write about not throwing out traditional journalistic tools for the “smart age.”

Keep building your tool box for sure, but be a pack rat about it too. Don’t throw the old rustic tools out for the new shiny tools.

-Haley L.


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