64 degrees today, best get some ice cream at The Fountain on Locust

Food, ice cream, cocktails. Who wouldn't want that amazing combo?

Food, ice cream, cocktails. Who wouldn’t want that amazing combo?

It’s Jan. 28. That is the middle of winter in case you didn’t know. Well, you might not know that since it feels like the middle of spring today. My advice, take advantage of it. Throw on a cute sundress, whip out those flashy aviator sunglasses and get you a big scoop of ice cream. And I know just the place for you to go. Usually the go-to place tends to be Ted Drewes, but since they’re closed for the season, what a great opportunity to try something new. It’s called The Fountain on Locust.

Could you guess what street it’s on? You better be able to or something’s da matta wiff ya! I visited The Fountain last week on a nice day and it was pretty great.


The art deco is really what this place is all about, even though they do good on all areas of business.

1. Cool artsy atmosphere – I know close to nothing about art. All I know is what is and what isn’t aesthetically pleasing and what adds to and takes from the atmosphere. I’m not fluent enough to say why I like or dislike something, but to just say it. So I’ll say it here, the artistic atmosphere of the joint is wonderful! A lot of the time I can be overwhelmed if a place is too artsy, but this place is mesmerizing. From the art deco/ retro furniture to the old spotlight on the bar and of course the gorgeous paintings on the wall, it’s got it goin’ on. The only thing I didn’t get (and that’s not to say I didn’t like it, just didn’t get it) was a cute little vanity bedroom set in an upstairs corner that no one can get to. Here’s a tour if you don’t believe me.


A good beer is probably what’s most important in running a successful restaurant.

2. Awesome beer selection – Not many restaurants have a wide beer selection. It’s often times just Bud products and you’ll get lucky if they have Schlafly. Even if they do have some more craft beers, they usually only have the most popular selection of that beer. That’s why I was ecstatic to be able to order a Urban Chestnut Zwickel, while my dad was able to get his traditional Bud.

3. Amazing cocktail selection – Per the server’s suggestion, my mother ordered a Sprocket. It was a whisky drink and tasted just like Big Red gum. Fo realz.


This is the “World’s Smallest Hot Fudge Sundae.” Great for a full stomach but a couple unsatisfied tastebuds.

4. Homemade ice cream combined with a martini – Do not dare to tell me that an ice cream martini isn’t God’s gift to the world. They have them and I have to go back soon just to get one! So you do the same! I was too full to order one at the time (sad day) but they have the perfect option on the menu for such a circumstance. “Worlds smallest hot fudge sundae” just to try a taste.

5. Good priced food and good portions. And just good – I can never, ever finish a meal. Because this is America, food places cater to the obese and just assume you’ll eat 8 pounds of food. I was pleased that this was not the case at The Fountain. I ordered a pick two with their signature Blackhawk burger and chicken and dumpling soup complete with chips. It was delicious, I was able to finish it AND it wasn’t over priced. And that’s a big one for me. Here’s the menu which they do include the prices.

Mom and Dad and myself were able to snag the "Best Seat in the House" according to Sauce Mag.

Mom and Dad and myself were able to snag the “Best Seat in the House” according to Sauce Mag.

6. Awards like most photographed restaurant in STL and America’s best restroom! – I’m ashamed of myself for not getting a quick photo of the restroom, but it was indeed a nice one. My dad left for a moment to relieve himself, and when he came back said, “You’ve got to check out the bathrooms. They’re so nice.” And my father is a hard to please man. That was before we saw the “Voted best restroom” award on a wall somewhere. And it doesn’t surprise me it’s most photographed. I took a bunch while there too! Some reveiws.

Alright, after all that, you better check it and tell me what you think @stlshenanigans on twitter!



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