Props to Tristan the Hot Dog Stand Man

hotdogPlusSigncold equalsignbutton


No one wants to stand outside at 1 a.m. in 19 degree weather and cook up food for other people. I’m almost positive Tristan didn’t want to last night in The Grove, but that punk rock dude took it like a champ and made four drunk people four hotdogs of their dreams.

I unfortunately didn’t get to snap a pic of this brave dude because my phone was dead and I didn’t catch the name of the hot dog stand because I  was more focused on the hotdog itself. But, I do know this:

Tristan the Hot Dog Stand Man was just chillin’ (in the literal sense too, because it was cold as hell) outside one of the bars in The Grove. Homeboy had a mo-hawk that was semi falling over and had a pretty hardcore leather jacket on which had some sort of animal skull attached at each shoulder. I think it was a large rodent head. We come up to him and ask what he’s got.

“I got $2 hotdogs and $7 polish sausage.”

I think we all ordered hotdogs.

“Any toppings? I got them all. Ketchup. Mustard. Onions. Relish. Mayo. Sauerkraut….” He probably said quite a few more, but all I needed was the dog, bun and ketchup.

I asked his name because I felt it was necessary to know who this generous soul was to cook me a hotdog in the middle of a cold night.

“Well, it’s not as bad at the 7 degrees I worked in last night.”

Dude is real.

So next time you’re in The Grove and you’re craving a hotdog and Tristan the Punk Rock Hot Dog Stand Man is there, give him a generous tip, cuz that kid was a rockstar.


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