I produced, shot and edited all videos unless otherwise noted. I also wrote all scripts and articles.

Students travel to Taos for spring break to experience sustainable, alternative living

Read the full story here.

This is a story and video I did during spring 2012 spring break for The Journal. There was a new class called Off The Grid in which six students traveled to Taos, New Mexico to experience living in sustainable homes called Earthships. I had the pleasure of traveling with them and documenting their experience for a text story as well as a multimedia video element. 

Why chess actually is a sport

Read the full story here.

This video is an “Op-Doc” or opinion documentary, I worked on with a fellow peer. Webster University recently became the home of the SPICE chess team. It’s become a big debate between students at the school and in the chess culture whether or not it is a sport by definition. We did a video expressing our views on the subject.

YMCA Once Upon A Time…

This video I created to share member’s stories and to promote what the YMCA provides to the community.

Two Original Zombies were chosen for the first time in Webster’s Humans vs. Zombies history

Read the full story here.

Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) is a game played across many colleges. It’s been at Webster University for about 4 years now. The concept of the game is similar to tag. Someone is selected to be the “Original Zombie” who then tags “Humans” to turn them into zombies. The video I created was a kind of day-in-the-life of the Original Zombie and it also reveals some game changers for this particular season.


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